No Zero Roulette - Everything You Need To Know About It

Roulette Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling. Its origin can be traced to 300 years ago in Paris, where a Frenchman named Blaise Pascal invented it as a game of probability. The game of Roulette is a fairly easy game which is easy to learn and pick up in very little time. The best part being the winning chances are same for both beginners as well as seasoned players. As with all games practice is what makes one perfect, but in a game of Roulette luck plays a more important part. Knowing the rules of the game is essential to know how to bet properly. Traditional roulette is the most popular version across the globe in America and Europe. France has its own special version too. Like all other casino gambling games, even Roulette has a house edge. In Europe, the roulette wheel has a single zero and the house edge is 2.63% and in America, the wheel has a single zero and a double zero and the house edge is also almost double at 5.26%.

No zero Roulette For all Roulette lovers, there is another trending popular version called ‘no zero Roulette’. This is the latest type of Roulette and is only available at online casinos. Land casinos have not yet put this option on offer yet. This version has loved the world over because of the increased probability of winning. The game of Roulette is generally hard to win because of the presence of zeros on the wheel. The least favored option being the American Roulette because it has 2 sets of zeros on it. No Zero Roulette has become a hot favorite, especially among online players. There a number of online casinos offering this latest version and one can find out by searching various casino sites and also to check the credibility and genuineness of the website.


Why is playing No Zero Roulette a better option? Players stand to benefit a great deal by choosing this option as they are not playing against the house and no zero Roulette offers the players the better edge. The players have 100% chances of winning the odds without a zero and if they are lucky enough they can win a great deal.

What do casinos stand to gain by offering no zero Roulette? Since Roulette is a game of luck, people play this game with the intention of making some quick money if the betting amount is high enough. If the player is out of luck, the chances of winning also come are nil. if he doesn’t win he loses everything, but if he wins he gets big time money as the house cannot take any percentage of the winning amount.Casinos gain their profits from Betvoyager of the players who have bet large amounts but did not win. Moreover, in no zero Roulette players get tempted to play with more stakes for a longer time because of the better probability of winning.

How are the winning opportunities better in no zero Roulette? As this type of Roulette has absolutely no house edge as compared to American and European Roulette, it has much better winning opportunities. Elimination of zeros from the game gives players a better chance of winning on every bet that they make and more beneficial for those players who wager on outside bets, which further offer lesser risk, thus minimizing losses.

Can no zero Roulette be played on a mobile or a tab? Yes, this game can be easily played on your mobile device through a downloaded version of the casino's website. As this type of Roulette has still not hit the brick and mortar casinos it is only available at online casinos. Most online casinos have both android as well as iOS compatible apps which can be easily downloaded.

Is it possible to play no zero Roulette for free? No zero Roulette can be played for free. This is only available for a limited period to allow players to get a hang of the game before they actually start the betting process. It is always advisable to take a couple of free play trials before actual play to ensure you are absolutely sure of the rules and you can also keep a track of the betting amount, wins and losses.

Though this type of Roulette puts the house at a disadvantage, it is highly advantageous for the players especially if they have a winning streak. The house can always make up for any losses from better house edges on other versions and other games too. So if you find a good reliable online casino offering the no zero Roulette, play on and hope for great winnings.